1. By submitting, you commit to be present for the date of the show.
2. We generally do not feature any writing that requires more than 8 minutes of reading time. We sometimes make exceptions.
3. Please do not include your name or contact information ANYWHERE on your submission. This includes the documen(s) and the title/subject of your submission. Your cover letter may include your name.
4. We publish the accepted submissions in a book every month. It’s ok to submit previously published writings, but let us know where they were published and any additional accreditation we should know.
5. We accept audio submissions so long as you supply the text, too.

1. We choose 1 artist for each month’s covers (and insert) of sparkle + blink.
2. Resolution must be at least 300 dpi @ at least 6.25" x 9.25"

Ends on February 28, 2018
Turk & Divis is looking for album art for its forthcoming album Quiet Lightning. If selected you will be paid $300 and retain all rights.

All forms of media are accepted so long as an image / images can be used. 

Submissions may be inspired directly by the album or parts of the album (a rough mix of which can be heard here), or created independently.

There is no limit to how many pieces of work you can submit, though if you have a series or the like in mind and it's posted somewhere, it's ok to include a sample and a link.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! evan AT quietlightning DOT org.

Submissions are open through the end of Feb (28), 2018.

More about the album / project:

From 2016-17, beginning with Quiet Lightning’s 100th show, Turk & Divis (QL’s founding director Evan Karp and his brother Miles) created a track of original music featuring excerpts of the previous month’s Quiet Lightning, posting them online and starting the next show by playing a rough cut—kind of a last time on QL kind of thing. Due out on vinyl, cassette, and digital formats Spring 2018, the album Quiet Lightning features 50 authors performing live at QL.

More info—including links to, and video and full text of, each author—here.

Read/perform with Quiet Lightning: all forms of writing are accepted, and all selected writers are paid! 

This show will be held on Monday, March 5, 2018 @ Dogeared Books Castro. The first 100 people will receive a book featuring all of the selected writing and cover art by a local artist. All authors will be paid and will read/perform as a literary mixtape, with no introductions or banter.

Submissions are selected through a blind process by two curators — this Sandra Wassilie + Charles Kruger

SUBMISSIONS OPEN through the end of WEDNESDAY, February 14.



  1. Send us any kind of writing. Any kind! Make up new kinds and send them to us.
  2. No one gets more than 8 minutes of reading time. This varies of course but don’t send us more than 1,500 words unless you’ve timed the piece(s) multiple times and your speedy performance of the text somehow enhances it. We sometimes make an exception to this rule, but rarely.
  3. You may submit more than one attachment, but the word count of your entire submission should not exceed 1,500.
  4. By submitting, you commit to be present for the date: Monday March 5, 2018.
  5. Do not put your name anywhere — neither in the submission itself nor in the subject/title/filename of your submission.
  6. We publish the accepted submissions in sparkle + blink for every mixtape show. It’s OK to submit previously published writings, but please let us know where they were published so we can give props.
  7. You may submit audio, but all submissions must include full text.
  8. We welcome and encourage submissions in any and all languages, but all submissions must also contain an English translation.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any reason: evan@quietlightning.org.